Anglia Ruskin tempts last-minute students into learning with No Strings Attached cashback offer

Published: 8 August 2006 at 13:13

Anglia Ruskin University is advising students from the East of England who have yet to secure a university place to speak to its advisers about the many higher education courses and generous £2000 ‘cashback’ (regardless of parental income) deal available for start of the new academic year 2006/07.

The fee structure is changing from this autumn as most English universities start charging a tuition fee of £3,000 for each year students are studying for a degree.  The Government will be offering the option of two loans: the first to cover tuition fees and the second to cover living expenses. You can pay for this once you start earning as no tuition fees are payable upfront and graduates only start their repayments when they earn more than £15,000 a year.

To support full time, undergraduate students Anglia Ruskin University is making awards and bursaries available to smooth the way financially for those who wish to study. A total of £2,000 will be paid to students progress through their course, with £1,000 paid in Year 1 and £500 in each of Years 2 and 3.

An advertising campaign featuring the an air guitar-playing student with the strapline No Strings Attached will be rolled out during August to get the cashback message across. The Sunday Times University Guide reports that the Anglia Ruskin offer is one of the best available stating, ‘It will be difficult not to qualify for this £2,000 award and it is hard to find a more generous system.’

It also flags up another advantage of signing up for Anglia Ruskin University, ‘A £300-a-year top-up bursary to students on the maximum state grant

(paid to about a third of students) adds another £900 in non-repayable grants from the University for the worst off.’

The hard-hitting clearing campaign will be seen on buses and at poster sites around Essex and Cambridgeshire, and a 30 second advertisement will be shown at cinemas throughout the region. The main campuses, in Chelmsford and Cambridge, will feature wall-sized clearing posters and banners as a reminder to people from the region that it is not too late to take up a degree course at the University.

There are over 70 subject areas available for study and the pathway leaders for each are encouraging people looking for courses to come forward and ask questions. New courses for 2006/07 include a BSc honours degree in New Media Technology as the University responds to meet the demands of the ‘iPod generation’ and the new opportunities provided by mobile technology. Pathway Leader and Senior Lecturer in Media and Internet Technology at the University’s department of Design and Technology, Dr Tim Roswell said:

“The rapid decline in the cost of digital cameras and audio equipment along with the rise in broadband use in the UK has led to a marked rise in new media production and consumption. Many new companies are expanding to exploit these opportunities, however, in order to pursue a career in these creative industries there is a requirement for both technical and creative skills which this degree is designed to provide.”

“As always, it is the University’s mission to develop fast-thinking, work-ready graduates into business who have a competitive edge in the job market.”

Anglia Ruskin’s Clearing Hotline (0845 271 3333) will be the centre of a network of support and information for students (and their parents) who want to speak to student advisers before choosing from the various higher education options. A new clearing website facility is also available for students at

Clearing applies to those who did not do as well as they had hoped, those who may not have gained a place in the first round of applications, and to those who had not applied to university before getting their results but who then change their minds - often because they do better in terms of grades than they had expected.  It also caters for anyone wishing to further their studies, including mature students (those over the age of 21).

Anglia Ruskin’s Director of Marketing Alan Cain comments:

“This can be a highly stressful time of the year for some A Level students who are yet to secure the course that is right for them.”

“Whatever a student’s reason for wanting or needing to change course, they should keep an open mind about what they want to do and listen to the course, career and life guidance that they are given. This year, in particular, they should pay close attention to the financial incentives on offer. The UK higher education system has got the biggest range of courses in the world, so there should be something for everyone.”

Around 80 advisers will be on hand during clearing week and the service will continue into the weeks following.  When people call the clearing hotline they should have an idea of the subject area they would like to study, a copy of their results and a list of questions they feel they want answered, such as on fees, living costs or accommodation issues.

The advisers and academic tutors will make sure that they have all the information they need to make their final decision. When they make their final choice they will be passed to the University’s Admissions office.

Anglia Ruskin recruited 15% of its students through Clearing last year. 

It has a total of 28 000 students at its two main campuses at Chelmsford and Cambridge and its regional partnership colleges. The majority of them are from the East of England.

The Anglia Ruskin Clearing Contact Centre opens at 8am on Thursday

17 August. People can get in touch by phone on 0845 271 3333.