Anglia Ruskin receives Carbon Trust Standard

Published: 4 August 2009 at 13:47

Energy, water and waste savings put Anglia Ruskin in line for a carbon award

Anglia Ruskin University has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard after taking action on climate change by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint by 6% in absolute terms (based on emissions from energy, water and waste). The University saved 580 tonnes of C02e over a two year period.

The Carbon Trust Standard is the world’s first carbon award that requires an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint and actually make real reductions year-on-year. Unlike other award schemes, organisations are rewarded for actions they’ve taken to cut carbon across their own operations.

Talking about the award, Mark Norman, Environmental Manager, at Anglia Ruskin said:

"We’re delighted to have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard. It is a great way of showing that we have taken action on climate change and a way to communicate our environmental credentials to those that matter."

"In the current climate it’s essential that we remain competitive, and the Carbon Trust Standard is another way we can stay ahead of the game. Cutting carbon is a priority for us as a business and delivers tangible bottom-line benefits. We have already cut our carbon emissions by 6 % as part of the initiative and are committed to making further reductions in the future."

Anglia Ruskin has taken some significant steps to improve the energy efficiency of its sites in both Chelmsford and Cambridge. Through an ambitious re-development programme the University is replacing its older less efficient building stock with more efficient buildings.

Mark Norman continues,

"We have installed sub metering across our Estate so we can better understand and pinpoint where energy waste occurs. In addition, we have participated in the Carbon Trust’s Higher Education Carbon Management programme which has enabled us to develop a road map to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our carbon emissions. A 6% reduction represents a reversal in what was an increasing trend in emissions and Anglia Ruskin aims to maintain this decreasing trend to meet our carbon reduction targets."

Harry Morrison, General Manager of the Carbon Trust Standard, commented:

"Being certified with the Carbon Trust Standard is proof an organisation has taken genuine action to reduce their direct impact on climate change by cutting carbon emissions. We congratulate Anglia Ruskin University on this achievement."

"Both businesses and consumers share a desire for one, credible way to prove an organisation has not only measured, but actually reduced their carbon emissions year-on-year without the use of offsetting. The Carbon Trust Standard provides this credibility and we encourage more organisations to follow Anglia Ruskin University in making this commitment."

The Carbon Trust Standard was launched in June 2008 with the support of Environment Secretary Hilary Benn and Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Deborah Meaden.

Deborah Meaden, Dragon’s Den entrepreneur, said:

"I passionately believe that success in business and positive action on the environment can go hand in hand and deliver real bottom-line benefits. The Carbon Trust Standard is about showing which organisations have really taken practical action on climate change – it cuts through greenwash and celebrates those businesses making genuine reductions in their carbon emissions."

"Tackling environmental issues has to be seen as both a business priority and opportunity and achieving the Carbon Trust Standard is a great way of recognising truly progressive organisations."