Anglia Ruskin offers online help to people who want to start the New Year with a new business venture

Published: 29 January 2010 at 10:57

Online training helps reduce small business failures

New Year is traditionally a time of embracing new challenges: moving house, applying for a new job or starting your own business. A new online training programme, Anglia Business Class, has been designed for anyone who is thinking about starting a business in 2010, guiding them through the important stages involved, from planning and starting the business, to running and growing it.

Anglia Business Class is flexible, fitting around childcare, work and study commitments, and because Anglia Ruskin University’s Survive & Thrive programme is funding one hundred places, it is free to anyone who wants help to get their new business off to the best possible start.

The programme offers support with the (often neglected) business side of running a business - so you can test your business idea to see if it works before you risk your job and overdraft. It’s generally agreed that over half of all new businesses cease trading within three years, and less than three out of ten survive for five years. One hundred and fifty small businesses participated in the pilot of Anglia Business Class and business failure in this group reduced by half.

Anglia Business Class is accredited with a Certificate in Small Business Management from Ashcroft International Business School at Anglia Ruskin University, setting it apart from other support available for new businesses. An ‘online mentor’ is on hand and it’s backed by experts from Barclays, Bird Luckin LLP, Birketts LLP, Chater Allan LLP, Integro Languages and Wollastons LLP.

Start the programme anytime by registering for a starter pack, email or call 0845 196 5012 with your contact details (name, telephone, email and residential address), briefly describing your business idea or company. More information is available from click on ‘For start-ups’, email The one hundred funded places are only available until September 2010.