Anglia Ruskin launches accommodation appeal

Published: 11 September 2013 at 15:11

Cambridge residents could help students who want to move to the city

Anglia Ruskin University is appealing to Cambridge residents to help provide accommodation for students starting courses this autumn.

There has been an unprecedented level of demand to study in Cambridge in 2013, with applications to Anglia Ruskin having increased for the fifth consecutive year.

Last year Anglia Ruskin secured a long-term lease for 511 rooms in the new CB1 development near Cambridge Railway Station.  Anglia Ruskin is now able to offer 1,872 rooms in the city but still needs more to meet demand, so is delivering 62,000 postcards to local residents in an attempt to find private rooms for students currently without accommodation.

Everyone applying ahead of the UCAS deadline in January was guaranteed a room, but late applicants applying through Clearing were told that university accommodation was full and they would have to find accommodation in the private sector.

Steve Bennett, University Secretary and Clerk, said:

“Although we have accepted a similar number of students to our Cambridge campus as last year, the accommodation situation is proving more difficult than 12 months ago.  Cambridge is clearly becoming an increasingly popular place to live, for both students and non-students alike.
“We tell everyone who contacts us during the Clearing process about the accommodation situation in Cambridge.  Although our dedicated House Hunting team is there to help, we cannot guarantee that everyone will find accommodation in the area they want to live.
“Because of the student profile of our applicants, it is very difficult to gauge precisely how many will require accommodation.  As we recruit many students from the local community, not all our applicants will want to relocate. 
“This trend has continued this year, with applications from students in the East of England increasing by 8%.  However, applications from students from further afield, such as the South East [13.4%] and London [15.3%] have also increased, and this has put further pressure on the demand for rooms.”

Anglia Ruskin’s House Hunting team is working with private landlords to help find private accommodation, but more are still required.  Any landlord, letting agent or local resident who would like to rent out a property or room should contact Anglia Ruskin on 0845 196 5123 or email