Anglia Ruskin graduate produces film with top Hollywood director

Published: 25 February 2010 at 10:00

Cambridge graduate works with film director Doug Linman

Anglia Ruskin University BA (Hons) Film Studies graduate Nicole Davidow has produced and starred in a short film due for release in March 2010. The film, Camelthorns, has been  executive produced by Hollywood director Doug Liman known for directing such films as Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith.

The screenplay was written by Namibian Director and Writer G.T Detering (Genevieve Tanya Detering) together with Dashiell Finney, a New York based screenplay writer and is shot in the unmistakable savannahs landscapes of Namibia. The film will be screened in Namibia but will be submitted for film festivals screenings world-wide including Cambridge Film Festival 2010.

The film is the result of a childhood dream: Nicole and G.T Detering grew up in Namibia together and had always talked about making a film. They both left Namibia to study film: Nicole at Anglia Ruskin University, and Genevieve at the New York Film Academy where she met Doug Liman. After presenting their ideas to him, complete with script and full business plan, he agreed to Executive Produce the current short film with a view to this being made in to a feature.

Nicole acknowledges the challenges still to be met but thinks that her time at Anglia Ruskin had prepared her for this:

“The film industry is extremely challenging to get into but studying Film Studies at Anglia Ruskin University has helped me a great deal, in many ways. As well as a very clear insight into the art of film itself I also gained an understanding of the Film Industry in general including the business side.”

“We wrote, directed, edited, produced and acted in the films we made and I now have the confidence to take on the challenge. When the script was written and the business plan was put together (before we presented it to Doug Liman) I mailed it to my tutors to look over and send me their opinion. They helped me a great amount and gave us very helpful suggestions, which we then took on and changed in the script. It is nice to know that even after graduating there is still some support from my lecturers.”

Having made the short is a great achievement but Nicole now needs to see it through to feature length production:

 “In order for the feature to be made, the short will have to be successful, the characters have to be likeable and the audience should be left wanting to see more of these characters and their environment. It's all still a long journey but it's so worth it, and we are extremely happy with the end product.”

Camelthorns tells the story of two girls, Marie (Nicole Davidow) and Jessica (Klara Mudge), who find themselves in a threatening and life-altering situation. Their courage and strength is tested and pushed to the limits and the girls who share an ultimate bond of friendship, love and unity have to prove that truly nothing can come between them. Other actors are Ruan Greef as Andre, well-known Namibian actor Armas Shivute, as well as Samuel Kapepo, Johannes Kamati and Nghishy Muniaro in supporting roles. All characters in the film portray strong and contrasting personalities, which enriches the story’s message of cultural differences and human relationships.

With its Namibian cast, crew and setting and its distinct Hollywood flair Camelthorns is both an evocative story and the thrilling adventure. 

For more information about Camelthorns please contact Sarah Jones at Anglia Ruskin University on 0845 196 2981 or