Anglia Ruskin Equine Science degree 'opens up the field' to equine and life sciences careers

Published: 8 March 2006 at 11:41

In the run up to the start of the 2006 Flat Racing season, Anglia Ruskin University is launching an Equine Science Honours degree at its Cambridge City Centre campus. The degree, which will admit its first students in September this year, has a strong focus on the science underpinning the knowledge of equine performance, behaviour, reproduction and welfare.

Pathway Leader and Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare at the University’s Department of Life Sciences, Dr Mark Kennedy, states:

“In order to safeguard the welfare of the horse while maximising its performance, it is necessary to understand the underlying physiology and behaviour upon which both depend. Therefore this degree has a strong foundation in the science of equine behaviour and physiology.”

"It offers students an opportunity to pursue their interest in horses while simultaneously gaining a good Biological Sciences degree which will enhance career prospects, not only within the expanding and exciting equine sector, but also in the wider life sciences field".

The course, delivered at the University’s Cambridge campus, is predominantly study-based with less emphasis on hands-on equine experience than most other equine degrees available in the country. 

For this reason the programme is ideally suited to those who have already gained practical experience with horses, either through work or caring for their own horses.

Specialist areas of study will include: Equine Behaviour for Training and Management, Equine Reproduction and Reproductive Technology, Equine Physiology and Exercise, Issues in the Equine Industry, and Zoology of the Equidae.

The degree - aimed at anyone with an interest in horses, those teaching riding and horse management and those involved in Thoroughbred and sports horse breeding - is expected to draw wide interest from Newmarket, the world centre of Thoroughbred racing and breeding.  

The Life Sciences courses offered by the University’s are attracting greater numbers of students year on year.

The most popular course categories are Animal Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation, Zoology and Animal Welfare.

For further information on the Equine Science course, please contact Dr Charlotte Nevison on 0845 196 2281 or email or visit