Anglia Ruskin alumni invest in the Science and Technology graduates of the future

Published: 24 September 2006 at 12:35

A cheque for £2,500 has been presented to Anglia Ruskin University by the Mid Essex Technical Education Committee for the University to invest for the purposes of presenting an annual book award to students of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

This generous donation was made possible as a result of the sales of a book written by past students and staff about the life and times of Anglia Ruskin University.  The book, published in September last year, was put together by former students of what was formerly known as the Mid Essex Technical College.

Simply entitled I Went to the Tec, the book charts the history of the buildings known as the Commercial Block, the Technical Block and the Art Block.

It also includes a selection of memories and reminiscences of the co-authors involved in the launch, who now fondly describe themselves as the ‘golden oldies’ of the University and of the Secondary School housed in the same premises (for students aged 13+).

The collaborative writing team behind the publication included Peter Carter, Derek Wilks, Alan Taylor, Christine Hoad, Reg Richardson and contributions are also featured from the late John Marriage and others. Members of the Alumni and Media Department at the University also had a positive input.

Book Committee Chairman Reg Richardson took part in the official cheque handover to Secretary and Clerk Steve Bennett in the presence of other members of the committee, during an event staged at the University’s Tindal Building, on Rivermead campus in Chelmsford.

Mr Richardson said:

“We have sold over 400 books to people who were former students of the Tec and when we collected the money in we were all in agreement that we wanted to reinvest the funds in what is now Anglia Ruskin University.”

“We have wonderful memories of our time in education and want to help the science and technology graduates from the University to excel in their studies to help them to achieve their ambitions.”

“The Committee has chosen to support the Faculty of Science and Technology as this faculty most closely reflects the study programmes that we followed while at Chelmsford College and/or the Technical High School.”

“It is such a pleasure for us to be able to give something back.”

Speaking about the book, Christine Hoad said:

“The book chronicles the 70 year history of the Mid Essex Technical College and School in Chelmsford. It draws on the memories and recollections of the students who were studying there especially between the 40s and 60s to improve their education and career prospects.”

“It charts the growth of the ‘Tec’ School from Market Road to the establishment of Chelmer Valley High School and beyond.  It has been a must-have purchase for anyone who went to these schools or who have family or friends who did and likewise for those who attended the College in any of its other various phases.”

Steve Bennett, Secretary and Clerk, at Anglia Ruskin University said:

“Anglia Ruskin University is already indebted to these dedicated former students for recording yet another important slice of our University’s history.  To donate the proceeds of the book for the educational benefit of our current students is yet another indication of how the memories of study years and friendship links remain with you always. I hope that the new students will benefit from these prestigious book awards and will keep in mind the generosity of the former students who made it all possible.”

“What this all proves is that while history moves on and names change, educational institutions always occupy a central place in people’s lives.”

The Mid Essex Technical College and School of Art was established in 1935.  In 1976, the Mid Essex Technical College and Brentwood College of Education merged to become the Chelmer Institute of Higher Education, and then in 1984 the Chelmer Institute became the Essex Institute of Higher Education. 

The Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology and the Essex Institute of Higher Education merged in 1989 to become Anglia Higher Education College and the institution was granted Polytechnic and then University status in 1991 and 1992.  Anglia Ruskin University was established as the new name for the University during October 2005.

Copies of the book are still available from Eileen Porter of the Book Committee on 01245 266616.