Angharad's grand design impresses judges

Published: 20 June 2014 at 16:40

Anglia Ruskin student’s work is ‘highly commended’ at Penguin Design Award

Angharad Burnard, a third year student at Anglia Ruskin University, has landed a work placement at Penguin’s Art Department after her book cover design was praised by the judges of the Penguin Random House Design Award 2014.

Originally from Halifax, the work of the BA (Hons) Illustration student was “highly commended” by the judges, and she was presented with her award at the publisher’s London headquarters by Jonathan Coe, author of What a Carve Up, which was the set text for the competition.

The Penguin Random House Design Award 2014 received over 1,100 entries from art and design students from across the world.  Commenting on Angharad’s work, Jim Stoddart, Art Director of Penguin Press, said: “A very spirited cover, full of life.  A very competent illustrator.”

Joanna Prior, the Managing Director of Penguin General, said she “loved the strong use of type”.  Meanwhile, artist Petra Börner, one of the guest judges, said Angharad’s design “creates a sense of drama and captures the dark undertones of the narrative”.

Angharad said:

“I wanted my design to be chaotic and nightmarish, but with nods to the wealth and riches of the Winshaws, using patterns you might associate with an old, decaying but once decadent manor house.
“The cut-up text is a reference to the blackmailing and secret notes and messages within the book, as is the scrawled handwriting.  The lack of colour, I hoped, would reflect the theme of tabloids and newspapers, with the red spine being an obvious hint to danger and the inevitable bloodshed at the end of the book.”

Chris Draper, Angharad’s tutor and Course Leader for BA (Hons) Illustration at Anglia Ruskin, said:

“With a strong sense of design, sensitive use of colour and a real talent for hand drawn type, it is great to see Angharad’s work getting the recognition it deserves.
“Often using nature and natural forms as a starting point for her work and combining this with hand drawn type, Angharad has shown that she can apply her visual language to a variety of contexts at a very high level.
“With over 1,000 entries from as far afield as Chile, the Penguin Design Awards is now one of the highest profile competitions in the country and it is a wonderful achievement to get ‘highly commended’ and a work placement.”