A new-way MA in Professional Development that comes from within

Published: 29 June 2010 at 11:51

Graduates get to ‘personalise’ their own professional development with a degree that is focused on moving on and up

A new MA in Professional Development (MA PD) from Anglia Ruskin University is set to change the way people perceive postgraduate degrees. It is a degree for the new, innovative and fast changing era.

The MA PD is a high level accreditation for work-based learners, from a variety of occupations who are seeking a challenging programme of study and research based around their own job. Through a reflective and action based approach students will gain skills and insights that will be of benefit to both themselves and their organisations. It rejects the deficit-cascade model of professional development, where staff attend a course and return with ideas which often suffer from a short shelf life, or ‘tissue rejection’ by staff.

Central to the degree, for private, public and voluntary sector workers, is a vibrant online community facilitated by skilled and experienced tutors. At every stage, personal, social and academic support is on hand.  The curriculum is designed to scaffold success; to encourage articulate, critically reflective problem solvers who want to have some control over their own professional development to make it relevant, innovative and personalised. 

The degree builds on the online success of the BA (Hons) Learning Through Technology (LTT), a fully online work-based degree which also offers individuals the chance to develop their own professional skills in the workplace.

Graduates can apply regardless of geography as all resources are available online.

According to MA PD Pathway Leader Anthony Russell,

"The new MA PD enables students to take charge of their own professional development. It allows them to develop an awareness of their own capacity and to embrace and shape change. The change comes from within the individual."

"Graduates who embark on this high level programme will be able to construct their own future at the same time as they bring positive change benefits to the organisation. The cross fertilisation of ideas between students will allow everyone to improve and move on and up."

The programme recognises the increasingly important role the emergent technologies play in learning and continuing professional development. It also acknowledges that learning is increasingly independent of place.  The degree is offered either blended or online and is mainly research based, encouraging creative thinking and peer learning.  It places a high value on collaboration and learning through dialogue.

It is expected that candidates joining the MA PD will be from a very wide variety of jobs and from varied places around the globe. 

To be considered for the degree, potential students will need an honours degree or equivalent and to be in employment.