Before your placement

You'll need to complete the following checks before you start your clinical placement.

Disclosure Barring Service (DBS)

All students are required to complete a DBS check. One of our admissions team will send you the necessary paperwork; please bring completed paperwork with you when you attend your interview.

The University's Criminal Records Officers carry out the DBS checking process. This can take on average four to six weeks and any student who has not completed their DBS check cannot go on placement. This could result in your start date being put back to the next available intake..

Occupational health

The main purpose of occupational health assessment is to make sure that you're fit to undertake the course requirements effectively and without risk to yourself or others. Course places at the Faculty of Medical Science are offered subject to satisfactory health screening. 

A member of our admissions team will send you the necessary paperwork to complete and you will be assessed individually. If you don't have a completed occupational health check this could delay you starting the course. If you don't start the course for health reasons then you'll need occupational health clearance before returning to practice.

Mandatory training

It is a legal requirement that all operating department practice and paramedic science  students complete annual moving and handling training with the University before attending practice.