Medical technology projects

Our MSc Medical Technology is a new Masters course for entrepreneurs who want to design, develop, apply, market or procure the latest medical technology.

Here in the Faculty of Medical Science, our academic staff are carrying out research in the areas of drug screening, and medical techniques and devices, with a focus on conditions including heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory diseases. You can read more about their work here.

Professor Richard Aspinall

Professor Aspinall is involved in a number of PhD proposals. These include the design and fabrication of a device to measure respiratory rate and blood oxygenation levels, and a project to explore differentiation of CD34+ cells in a model thymus.

More information about Richard Aspinall's work

Professor Selim Cellek

Professor Cellek is working on four current projects, two of which focus on drug screening, one that explores Peyronie's disease, and one that aims to understand the role of vasa nervorum in urogenital diseases.

More information about Selim Cellek's work

Dr Dingchang Zheng

Dr Zheng's research involves cross-disciplinary work with engineers, physical scientists, biologists, clinicians, industry, policy-makers and allied professionals. The aim is to produce high-quality publications and patentable medical devices, and generate huge clinical potential for the early diagnosis of disease – as well as significant academic, economic and societal impacts. Dr Zheng has particular interests in the research, development and evaluation of novel procedures, medical techniques and devices for patients with heart disease or circulatory problems.

More information about Dingchang Zheng's work