Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences) Facilities

Our skills lab in Cambridge replicates a general hospital ward. It comes complete with state of the art mannequins, beds, blood pressure monitors, ultrasound and ECG machines and medicine cabinets. In these facilities our students can practice several different scenarios they will face in hospital clinics and departments: how to diagnose and treat problems relating to the circulatory or respiratory systems, or sleeping problems.

"The student experience gained as part of Physiological Sciences incorporating Cardiovascular and Respiratory diagnostic practice is important. The simulated clinical environment provides the opportunity for our students to develop and gain new skills and expertise, to prepare and support them during clinical practice placement and future employability."
Gerald Egbury SFHEA, Course Leader BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences)

"The facilities available at the Cambridge campus, helps us to feel prepared for clinical placement. It provides a chance for some practical experience, before entering the clinical setting with real patients. The programmable mannequins can mimic emergency situations, allowing us to gain the skills needed in these demanding environments. The use of ECG machines and blood pressure equipment compliments theory taught in lectures, therefore enhancing the delivery of the modules."
Poppy, Third Year Healthcare Science Student

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