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Have you, or anyone you know, had an ECG (a tracing of the electrical activity of the heart)? Perhaps you've had a breathing test? These tests and many more are performed by qualified cardiovascular or respiratory/sleep healthcare science practitioners. If you're interested in becoming one, this online taster will help you learn more about the roles.

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Part one: What is healthcare science?

Healthcare science is a general title for the area where practitioners diagnose and treat illnesses using a range of highly specialised equipment. Healthcare science practitioners work in four main disciplines: life sciences, physiological sciences, physical sciences and biomechanical engineering, and bioinformatics.

What are physiological sciences?

Cardiovascular or respiratory/sleep practitioners specialising in physiological sciences (also called clinical physiologists) usually work in clinical environments, such as outpatient clinics, wards, or within specialist departments that involve a lots of direct interaction with patients.

Physiological sciences also cover a variety of specialised areas: audiology, cardiac sciences, clinical perfusion, critical care science, gastrointestinal physiology, neurophysiology, ophthalmic and vision science, respiratory physiology and sleep sciences, urodynamic science, and vascular science.

In this online taster we’ll explore cardiovascular science, and respiratory/sleep science.


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