Professor Shahina Pardhan speaks at APOC

Published: 31 October 2015 at 16:30

Professor Pardhan speaking at the Gala Dinner

Professor Shahina Pardhan was an invited speaker at the Asian Pacific Optometry Congress (APOC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October 2015.

Shahina’s talk was titled ‘The Functional Disability in People with Visual Impairment’.

Loss in vision leads to an inability to carry out everyday tasks, and has an impact on the functional, social and psychological status of the patient. The talk gave an evidence-based overview of factors that influence the ability to carry out visual tasks (e.g. reading), and other vision-related everyday activities (e.g. mobility, driving, self care). She presented research data from VERU’s laboratories on gait, obstacle crossing, reaching & grasping in patients with visual impairment. The role of adaptation, including that of auditory cues (in collaboration with University of Cambridge) was also discussed.

Shahina Pardhan qualified with First Class Honours in Optometry and the best student prize from the University of Bradford. In 2001 she joined Anglia Polytechnic University as the first female professor of Optometry in the UK. She is now the director of the Vision and Eye Research Unit (VERU) based within the Postgraduate Medical Institute. Shahina led the successful Research Excellence Framework 2014 for Allied Health Professions which resulted in 100% of VERU’s profile being rated as World Class, Internationally Excellent and International (82% rated as World Class/Internationally Excellent). The impact and reach of VERU’s research activities was rated as 100% World Class/Internationally Excellent.

Shahina is a recipient of the Asian Jewel Award - Health Care and Education category (2005), the Asian Women of Achievement Award - Professions category (2001) and the first Ismaili Award for Excellence in the Postgraduate category (1992).