Frequently Asked Questions about Business School placements

Who can undertake a placement?

The placement option is available to all undergraduate September starters. You should be registered on the placement version of your course in order to take this option. You are able to opt on or off the placement version of your course by the end of March in your second year. Please speak to your faculty student advisor. Placements are also available to postgraduate students undertaking MSc International Business, MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management, MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Marketing as an alternative to the postgraduate major project.

How do I find my placement?

We are here to help you. Our placements team are on hand to give you support, advice and access to a number of resources and roles to apply for.  We have connections with a number of local organisations who are looking for enthusiastic students to join them.

You are also encouraged to actively search for your own placement in order to find a company and role that will appeal to you and your interests. The role should relate to your area of study and the company must be approved by the University before you can enter into a contract with the company. 

Placements are not guaranteed and the responsibility of finding a placement rests with you. Like applying for any job, you should be prepared to apply for many different roles to ensure you secure a placement.

Where can I work?

Many of our students work locally to their campus or in London but you can work anywhere you wish in the UK. UK and EU students can also work internationally but please check this with your placements administrator. You should contact the appropriate bodies in the countries you wish to work in to gain advice. Locations of previous placements include: Cambridge, London, Edinburgh, Switzerland, Germany, Chile, India and the US.

Will I be paid?

We encourage all undergraduate students to take a paid placement. Typically salaries vary but you are likely to earn between £12,000 and £20,000 or more for a full years placement.

Do I have to pay fees or other costs in my placement year?

As an undergraduate you will pay a reduced fee of £1,000 for your placement year. You may also be able to claim student finance to support you during this year. You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred in relation to your placement such as travel costs, laptops/mobile phones, clothing, materials etc. 

How long is a placement?

Undergraduates should complete 38 weeks for your placement module. This can be made up of 1 placement or up to 3 with a minimum of 12 weeks per placement. Postgraduates will complete 10 weeks.

When can I start?

Most undergraduate placements start in the Autumn following your second year but you can start as soon as your second year studies have been completed. You should register your first placement with us by mid-July. Postgraduate students will start their placement in trimester 3 in place of their major project.

How am I assessed?

Undergraduates: You have to complete a diary during your placement and submit this along with a 5,000 word portfolio by the end of May following your placement.

Postgraduates: You will complete a diary during your placement which should draw on theory and literature alongside evidence of your learning, up to a maximum of 5,000 words. This is submitted alongside a 10,000 word research-based portfolio, critically reflecting on your experience in the context of the industry and academic work on the sector.