Our Experts

Please note, we are no longer updating this page. For information on Lord Ashcroft International Business School people, please visit our faculty staff page.

Below you will find details about the IIMP team and the expertise and knowledge they can bring in order to solve your problems, and help you realise the opportunities you wish to exploit.

We are all full-time researchers working on funded projects, and all of us have an underlying commitment to understanding and improving management practice. You will find a wealth of expertise on a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

Our interests range from small business policy and entrepreneurship (Professor Simon Down, Director IIMP, and Professor Teemu Kautonen), the economics of information technologies (Professor Emanuele Giovannetti, Deputy Director), to innovation and project management (Professor Chris Ivory, Acting Director of IIMP). Supporting this senior talent is a range of post-doctoral research fellows, all of whom are building significant careers and are able to draw on extensive research knowledge.

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Core team