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Please note, this page is no longer being updated. For all the latest information on Lord Ashcroft International Business School research, please visit our faculty Projects page.

The IIMP had a range of international partners, which began to coalesce into a permanent European/international network of allied research institutes. The aim for this network was to generate significant research value to the partners' activity internationally.

The network aimed to enhance the activity of each partner in four ways:

  1. The network enables a more effective and efficient capacity building than what would be possible with the resources of a single university or national context.
  2. Applying for and conducting funded research, especially RCUK bilateral and EU. Having a permanent network of partners creates a credible platform to access to European and other national research funding and for collaborations with the business community.
  3. Research capacity building. The network constitutes a broad resource base for activity such as research practice sharing, joint development workshops and visiting positions for staff on sabbaticals.
  4. Development of knowledge transfer to management and policy practice: shared concept development for application of research into practice.

Members of the IIMP International Network:

  • Management Institute, University of Vaasa

The Management Institute was based in the University of Vassa, Finland. The Institute is Finland's leading Management University department winning the most awards of all university departments across the country.

The Institute was dedicated to the advancement of the development of the best management research, practice and training in Finland. Dr Henri Hakala is Director of the Management Institute and a Senior Visiting Fellow for the IIMP.

  • Institute for Innovation Management, Johannes Kepler University Linz

The Institute for Innovation Management (IFI) was based in the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. The Institute focuses on three innovation challenges in research and teaching, crossing borders, sustainability and change, and social and regional embeddedness.

The Director of IFI, Professor Matthias Fink, was a member of the Institute for International Management Practice.