Mission and Values

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Please note, this page is no longer being updated. For all the latest information on Lord Ashcroft International Business School research, please visit our faculty Projects page.


The Institute's guiding mission is:

To be internationally recognised by businesses, academics and policy makers for the relevance, quality and rigour of its research in enterprise, innovation and internationalisation.

Research focus

The IIMP concentrates its research efforts primarily on innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging, adapting and growing organisations. IIMP research is at the leading edge of answering social and economic questions relating to innovation and enterprise. We pursue this focus in the context of emerging technologies, managerial practices, and changing organisational environments. This is because we believe that research into innovation and enterprise is fundamental to securing future prosperity, sustainability and wellbeing.

Strategic objectives

The following strategic objectives define IIMP's vision:

  • to be internationally recognised by academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers;
  • to develop excellent academic credentials;
  • to influence theory, practice and policy;
  • to act as a catalyst in enhancing research quality and capacity across LAIBS;
  • to become financially self-sufficient within 5 years, by securing significant research income;
  • to build strong links across the university and with like-minded institutions, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Underpinning our research are the following values:

  • a research agenda shaped by the needs of practicing managers, professionals and employees;
  • a focus on the co-production of knowledge with practice;
  • a commitment to cross-disciplinary research and knowledge sharing;
  • a commitment to research practice that is both ethical and engaged;
  • to always conduct our work in a supportive and collegiate manner.

A key concern of the IIMP will be in unpacking some of the more intractable problems facing innovation and entrepreneurship in different contexts. Our values mean that we will work with practitioners to create new knowledge that means something and has impact.