Directors Message

Director Chris Ivory

Please note, this page is no longer being updated. For all the latest information on Lord Ashcroft International Business School research, please visit our faculty Projects page.

Prof Chris Ivory

Acting Director of the Institute for International Management Practice (IIMP)

Welcome to the IIMP. The details on these pages show a wide range of research activity focused on finding solutions for problems in the world. The distinctive ethos of the IIMP is that research we do should connect to concerns that individuals, organisations and societies face.

Specifically, we focus our work on Innovation and Enterprise. Dealing with the dynamic challenges of climate and population change, technological renewal and the processes of creative destruction that mark our times, mean that understanding how individuals and organisations create and respond to innovation, and how they build new organisations and businesses to address problems and opportunities are fundamentally important objectives for management researchers. It is the international practices bound up with managing these problems and opportunities that are the core rationale for the IIMP.

None of our work would be possible without the generous support of Baron Michael Ashcroft. His vision for the Institute is that it should have a focus on managerial practice. I share that vision, and seek to work together with managers internationally in a wide range of public and private organisations, mobilising the intellectual resources of the Institute to solve the problems and realise the opportunities of our increasingly troubled age.

If, whilst browsing these pages, you have an idea about how we can help achieve your goals - whether you're seeking to do a PhD, have a research need, or want advice about solving a problem or realising an opportunity - drop me a line at or call me 07932920170 - I'd be happy to talk to you.