About the Institute for International Management Practice


Please note, this page is no longer being updated. For all the latest information on Lord Ashcroft International Business School research, please visit our faculty Projects page.

The IIMP was established in 2009 to advance the applied research agenda that is the hallmark of the Lord Ashcroft International Business School at Anglia Ruskin University. Now housed within a state of the art facility at the University's Cambridge campus the Institute comprises ten full-time academics and post-doctoral and PhD researchers. Additionally, we provide a temporary home for highly distinguished visiting fellows from a range of scholarly and professional backgrounds.

The Institute is characterised by the interdisciplinary scope of its expertise. We believe that the multiple and complex issues that 21st century business managers and administrators face can be fully addressed by integrating insights from a range of perspectives. This means that the IIMP is a highly dynamic research environment in which practitioners and scholars alike are informed and stimulated by a continual exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The IIMP enjoys close and fruitful working relationships with its sister Institutes within the university. In homing in on Enterprise, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as research focuses, the Institute seeks to complement the work of these colleagues and to carve out a distinct identity for itself in the wider academic marketplace.