Congratulations to all

Published: 8 December 2015 at 10:48

We are delighted to announce that a number of LAIBS academics have been awarded their Higher Education Authority (HEA) Fellowships.

Those awarded Principal Fellows are: Ioannis Dermitzakis and Samer Mashlar.

The new Senior Fellows are: Cheryl Greyson, Peter MacDonald, Caroline Rook and Sandra Selmanovic.

Many congratulations to all!

These Fellows join a wonderful team who have already secured their Fellowships:

9 Principal Fellows:

Beatriz  Acevedo (EIB)
Helen  Benton (EIB)
Ken Dubin (HRMOB)
Sally Everett (Deputy Dean)
Abigail Hunt (MET)
Diane Keeble-Ramsey (LM)
Lester Lloyd-Reason (MET)
Kevin Roe (HRMOB)
Ying Xie (AFOM)
11 Senior Fellows:

Bronwyn  Betts (HRMOB)
Andy Brady (LM)
Niall Caldwell (MET)
Nick Drydakis (EIB)
Diane Irving (HRMOB)
Noah (Kofi) Karley  (EIB)
Steve McDonald (MET)
Christine Menges (HRMOB) – now left
Steph Russell (HRMOB)
Nektarios Tzempelikos (MET)
Lin Yan (EIB)

This is a wonderful achievement and acknowledges excellence in learning and teaching practice. As a faculty we now have around 26 Senior/Principal Fellows which are the highest teaching awards provided by the HEA. This highlights the emphasis and quality of our teaching.