Celebrating business start-up success of Iran-Europe

Published: 28 October 2015 at 11:53

Visiting Kuopio University hospital

PhD student Saeed Sadighi has successfully initiated and led an ‘Iran-Europe’ business start-up since last year.

The original idea was to connect and link Iranian businesses to European companies in the Health industry which is the field of his PhD research. Since last year, Saeed has successfully led four business visits in Iran, Netherlands, England and Finland.

Of the most recent trip to Finland, Saeed said “We were invited by Finland’s minister of health and had a great time. We were also hosted by Finnish companies who were very much interested to enhance their business relation with Iran in Post-sanctions.”

The Iranian delegates included Iran’s deputy minister of health, CEO of the Medical University, Iran’s ex-deputy president who is currently senior consultant of the Minister and CEO of the biggest Pharma distributor in Middle east, Two member of the key hospitals with more than half million patents per year, CEO of the Hamilton company which is private successful company in Iran and two CEO of the private companies active in health industry.

The business trip has been hailed a great success and fruitful by all involved, including the Finnish media, with more business talks between the parties scheduled soon.

Saeed added “I’m very proud of our most recent trip especially as we were featured on Finnish national radio, in top journals and national newspapers.”