Dr Maureen Ayikoru

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Enterprise and Tourism

Faculty:Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Department:Marketing, Enterprise and Tourism

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management and leadership , Tourism

Dr Ayikoru joined the Lord Ashcroft International Business School in October 2011 as Senior Lecturer. She was previously a Lecturer in Tourism at Middlesex University in London (2008 to 2011).



Maureen graduated with a PhD in Tourism from the University of Surrey in 2008, where she wrote her thesis on the ideological influences in tourism in higher education in England. The thesis examined the role of higher education policies and other authoritative texts in constructing and restructuring institutional practices and the ensuing implications. Maureen has since published a journal article and contributed to book chapters based on her thesis. 

Research interests

  • Sustainable development and tourism in developing countries (Uganda/ Sub Saharan Africa)
  • Higher education policies and implications for individual and institutional practice
  • Theoretical and methodological issues in social (tourism) research
  • African diasporas and their potential contributions to national and regional development
  • Potential roles of technology in socio-economic transformation and empowerment in Africa

Maureen’s research interests are in sustainability and tourism in developing countries (Uganda and Sub Saharan Africa in particular) where the abundance of natural and cultural resources presents real opportunities for economic diversification; higher education policies that are influenced by neoliberalism, globalisation, technological advancements and their implications for institutional and individual practice; theoretical and methodological issues in social (tourism) research. Maureen is also keen to understand the role of the African Diasporas in national and regional development within the context of increased remittances by this group and the disparities seen in Africa with respect to the inflow of foreign direct investment.

Areas of research supervision

Dr Maureen Ayikoru currently supervises four PhD students in the following areas:

  • Integrating poverty and conservation into tourism value chain: a contribution to the theory and practice of sustainable livelihoods and pro-poor market development (Bhutan) (2012-2014)
  • Ecotourism as a sustainable development mechanism among Indigenous communities of Mexico (2012-2016)
  • The impact of diasporic settlements and their cultural identities on tourist destinations: a study of Tibetan settlements in India (2014-2018)
  • Theorising institutional change: the role of philanthropic organizations in the tuberculosis field (India and sub Saharan Africa) (2014-2018)
  • Tourism development and crisis management in Nepal (2015-2019)


Dr Ayikoru teaches Sustainability and Ethics in Tourism; Research Methods; Contemporary Issues in Tourism; and, Tourism (Business) Management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Maureen has supervised over 80 undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations and held a number of administrative responsibilities. 


  • PhD, Tourism, University of Surrey, UK
  • PG Cert HE, Middlesex University, UK
  • MSc. Leisure, Tourism and Environment Management, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • BA (Hons)Tourism, Makerere University, Uganda 

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Peer Reviewer for the Tourism Management Journal and Studies in Higher Education
  • Member, Tourism Concern
  • Member of the Royal African Society (RAS)
  • Member of the Development Studies Association (DSA)
  • Institutional Member of the Association of Tourism in Higher Education 

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

Dr Maureen Ayikoru was a Principal Investigator in a pedagogic research project funded by the Higher Education Academy’s Network for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism in 2010 - 2011. The project investigated the pedagogic benefits and challenges in using films for enhancing learning and teaching on undergraduate tourism programmes. The findings of this research were presented at a conference in Dubai (November 2011) and a journal publication is expected in the near future. Funding received: £3,000.

Selected recent publications

Ayikoru, M. (2015). Destination competitiveness challenges: A Ugandan perspective. Tourism Management, 50, pp142-158. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2015.01.009.

Ayikoru, M., Tribe, J. And Airey, D. (2009). Reading tourism education: Neoliberalism unveiled, Annals of Tourism Research, 36 (2), pp 191–221.

Ayikoru, M. (2014). Neoliberalism and the new managerialism in tourism and hospitality education. In Dredge, D., Airey, D., and Gross, M.J. (eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Hospitality Education. London & New York: Routledge.

Ayikoru, M. (2010). The Discursive Construction of Tourism in Higher Education in England. Berlin: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

Ayikoru, M. (2009). Epistemology, ontology and tourism. In: Tribe, J., (Ed.) Philosophical Issues in Tourism. Bristol: Channel View Publications.

Ayikoru, M. & Tribe, J. (2007). Enhancing the interpretive and critical approaches to tourism education inquiry through a discursive analysis. In: Ateljevic, I., Morgan, N., Pritchard, A., and Harris, C. (Eds). The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Innovative Research Methodologies. London: Elsevier. 

Recent presentations and conferences

Ayikoru, M. Subjective Well-being and Tourism: An Emerging Research Agenda. A paper to be presented at the 2nd World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality: Crossing the Bridge, at the University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Orlando, Florida, USA, 15th – 17th December.

Ayikoru, M., and Park, H.Y. (2011). The pedagogic challenges of using films to enhance students’ learning in undergraduate tourism programmes. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences, Middlesex University, Dubai, UAE, 22nd - 24th November.

Ayikoru, M. (2009). Globalization and the challenges for development of sustainable tourism in Uganda. A paper presented at the 4th International Colloquium on Tourism and Leisure, in Bangkok, Thailand, 6th – 9th July.