Aravind Gautam

PhD Research Student

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: International Business

The working title of his thesis is ‘Spirituality at work and its relationship with Performance – Study on Engineers of Nepal’.


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The research project explores the meaning of Spirituality from an Eastern perspective and also seeks to investigate the nexus between spiritual science and physical science through the data collected from Engineers. Moreover, Aravind is also exploring the possible linkage of spirituality and performance at the workplace. 

Before starting his PhD, Aravind worked as an Associate Lecturer in LAIBS, Cambridge. He also delivered various Guest Lectures to the Masters students of LAIBS and the University of Pavia where he spent three months as an Erasmus plus exchange researcher. Aravind is working under the supervision of Dr. Antonella Zucchella.

Contact details: Mr. Aravind Gautam, MA, AFHEA