Leave of absence

Leave of absence is where a student applies to intermit for medical or non-medical reasons.

If you have taken Federal Aid during your current year and intermit then you will need to read the following information carefully.

Your Federal Loans will be affected if you intermit and do not meet the criteria required by US regulations relating to Federal Aid. We will have to follow the procedure relating to a student that has withdrawn. 


The total period of intermission must not exceed a total of 180 days in any 12-month period and this includes weekends and scheduled breaks - we will count the number of days between the start and end date of the period of intermission including weekends and vacation.

A student must apply in advance to intermit unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so. See 'Intermission' for further information. 


Undergraduates please speak to individual faculties to apply to degrade.

Disbursement of proceeds of Federal Aid funds cannot be made whilst a student is in intermission. Please advise us if you are planning on applying or have been granted leave to intermit and are currently receiving Federal Aid.

Withdrawing and return to Title IV Policy

If you withdraw from your course or ‘intermit’, then you must inform the International office, the lender, and guarantee agency within one week in writing. 
If you have taken federal loans and completed less than 60% of your studies, Anglia Ruskin University has to comply with US regulations and recalculate your Financial Aid eligibility using a 'Return of Title IV' form based on the period of the year you attended. As a result you may be required to pay back money to your lender from the Federal loans (Direct Stafford Subsidized, Direct Stafford Unsubsidized and Direct PLUS) you have received. It may also be possible that Anglia Ruskin will have to repay funds to your lender for tuition fees, and that you will be requested to make an additional fee payment to us to replace these funds.

Pro-rata refund calculations apply for any student who withdraws within 60% of the payment period.