How to apply for a US loan

  1. Complete Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To receive student financial aid the first step is to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); this will determine your eligibility for a loan. The School Code for Anglia Ruskin University is G34353.
  2. Once your FAFSA has been completed and processed you'll be sent a Student Aid Report (SAR) which you can view, print out and keep. This document lists the information you and your family have provided and tells you what your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is for the year you are applying. The EFC is used to determine eligibility for needs based financial aid. Please check your name, social security number, date of birth and all other information to make sure that it is accurate. It is important that you check the comments section on your SAR, as there may be issues that you need to address and any unresolved issues may delay the processing of your loan. You will need to send us a copy of your FAFSA application form once completed to Financial Services.
  3. You will then need to complete the following:
  • Entrance counselling
  • Master Promissory Notes for each loan (one for the subsidized/unsubsidized and another for the Graduate/Parent Plus Loan). The MPN is a legal document through which you promise to repay your Direct Loan. The MPN details the conditions of your Direct Loan and the terms under which you agree to pay it back. You will need to complete a new MPN for each academic year that you take out a Direct Loan.
  • Credit Check (Plus Loan applicants only).

Your US Loan will be disbursed to you in two equal disbursements. The disbursements will be effected at the start of Semester 1 and Semester 2 providing you are fully registered and are in attendance. Tuition and University accommodation fees are deducted automatically from your loan disbursement and then the remainder will come to you by bank transfer for living expenses.

All disbursements are subject to the following conditions.

  • You are making satisfactory academic progress.
  • You are enrolled at least part time.
  • You are not in the USA.
  • You have not violated any federal compliance regulations (repayment default, fraud, drugs).

You will be advised by email that a disbursement is due and its value and how much is due to be deducted from it. When you receive this email, you may contact us to reduce or cancel the disbursement.

WARNING - if you don't warn us in advance not to draw down your disbursement, then you will be responsible for all interest charges and for its repayment.