Pre-sessional Course – Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)

Short course, english course (From 5 weeks)


February 2018, March 2018, April 2018, May 2018, June 2018, August 2018, September 2018, October 2018, December 2017, January 2019


Our CRIC Pre-sessional English course is an intensive programme designed to prepare you for academic study at Anglia Ruskin. By the end of the course you should feel confident in communicating in English and fully prepared to progress onto your CRIC programme.

Full description

Course Content

The Pre-sessional Course is a full-time programme and comprises of 22 study hours a week. The course content includes the following:

  • Grammar and vocabulary work
  • Fluency focus
  • Pronunciation focus
  • Speaking for presentations and seminars
  • Reading, summarising and referencing
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Extended writing project
  • Exam preparation
  • Life in the UK – cultural awareness training
  • Guest lectures from a variety of faculties

CRIC Pre-sessional course description and sample timetable

Course Dates and Fees

Pre-sessional English for CRIC courses starting in September 2017.

Course length Start date End date Course fee
5 weeks 7 Aug 2017 8 Sept 2017

Pre-sessional English for CRIC courses starting in January 2018.

Course length Start date End date Course fee
20 weeks 21 August 2017 19 January 2018
15 weeks 25 September 2017 19 January 2018
12 weeks 16 October 2017 19 January 2018
10 weeks 30 October 2017 19 January 2018
5 weeks 4 December 2017 19 January 2018

Pre-sessional English for CRIC courses starting in May 2018 (fees to be confirmed).

Course length Start date End date
20 weeks 20 November 2017 4 May 2018
15 weeks 8 January 2018 4 May 2018
12 weeks 29 January 2018 4 May 2018
10 weeks 12 February 2018 4 May 2018
5 weeks 19 March 2018 4 May 2018

Pre-sessional English for CRIC courses starting in September 2018 (fees to be confirmed).

Course length Start date End date
20 weeks 23 April 2018 7 September 2018
15 weeks 29 May 2018 7 September 2018
12 weeks 18 June 2018 7 September 2018
10 weeks 2 July 2018 7 September 2018
5 weeks 6 August 2018 7 September 2018


At the end of the pre-sessional course you will take our English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT). You will be tested on your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills and given a score for each section as well as an overall score. 

To progress onto your pathway programme at Anglia Ruskin you will need to successfully complete the pre-sessional course and meet the required English requirements for your CRIC programme. You should not usually need to take any other English Test.

Where you will study

Your department and faculty

We’re here to support your success during your academic life at Anglia Ruskin. We offer a wide-range of English courses, including academic and general English, summer programmes and bespoke courses, as well as in-sessional English language support and foreign languages. We provide a friendly supportive teaching environment, with highly experienced and qualified teaching staff that are dedicated to help you pursue your academic ambitions.

Where can I study?

Lord Ashcroft Building on our Cambridge campus

Our campus is close to the centre of Cambridge, often described as the perfect student city.

Explore our Cambridge campus

How to apply

You will need to send us a copy of your English Test.  Please note that any student requiring a SELT for pre-sessional or study below degree level must ensure that they take their IELTS at an approved test centre. If you're applying from the EU we can accept other English tests, for more information you can email

Please note we can only accept students onto our Pre-sessional courses who have applied for a Tier 4 visa. 

Entry requirements

You should be aged 18 or over at the start of this course.

Required IELTS scores:

Course Length Minimum Entry*
20 weeks 4.0
15 weeks 4.5
12 weeks 4.5
10 weeks 5.0
5 weeks 5.5

Additional Notes:

Our published entry requirements are a guide only and based on a minimum entry. Your Pre-sessional offer will be based on the academic course you have applied for and the individual scores of your English test.

  • For international students we only accept a Secure English Language Test (SELT). Currently this includes an IELTS which must be taken at an approved IELTS test centre for entry onto a pre-sessional course.
  • If you are from the EU other English tests may be accepted.

If you need any further advice or information on which pre-sessional course to apply for or which English test we can accept please email .

For more information about immigration and for visa support please visit our immigration webpages