Enquiry on results

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If you think your test results are wrong you can request that they be remarked. This process is known as an Enquiry on Results (EOR). In order to apply for an EOR you will first need to pay the £60 fee at our online payment store. Once you have done that you will need to complete the form below and forward it, along with your Test Report Form (TRF), to our office in Cambridge. In order to process your EOR request we must receive it within 6 weeks of your test date.

Once we receive your EOR form, TRF and payment we will send the appropriate materials to the British Council for remarking. They will notify us of the result approximately 8 weeks after receiving the material. We will then inform you of the outcome via email, and post your TRF (original or amended) out to you. If your result does change we will refund the full £60 to you.

Enquiry on results form