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Transform your career and people’s lives with our Social Policy course.  Studying either part-time or full-time, you’ll explore social problems and how best to resolve them, alongside what governments – past and present - have done to address them.  A social problem could include issues like homelessness, anti-social behaviour or childhood obesity.

It isn't just the government that propose solutions to address such issues as these.  Groups such as Shelter, The Children's Society and other interest groups and charities also try to influence how social problems are addressed.  Even you and I take part in this whenever we sign a petition, take part in a demonstration or write to our MP about issues that concern us.

Social Policy tries to make sense of these policies and proposals to see how effective they are and what alternatives there might be.

Social Inclusion is a core research area for our Faculty, bringing together a wide range of professionals to increase knowledge, skills and research within the areas of social inclusion and exclusion.  We look to find out what’s contributing to social problems, and how these can be reduced.

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