Veterans & Families Institute
for Military Social Research

We carry out research, policy development and consultation on the impact of military service on veterans and their families.

Our academics work across disciplines including sociology, psychology, social policy, education, social work, nursing and ethics. Visiting Fellows provide additional expertise in psychiatry, clinical psychology and criminal justice.

Since our inception, we've published reports and academic papers relating to both commissioned research and to areas of specific research interest.

Our research team has a growing domestic and international profile and is involved in NATO research on military to civilian transition and sexual violence, as well as collaborative work with universities from the Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We're represented on a number of national expert groups including the Confederation of Service Charities (COBSEO) cluster groups on Criminal Justice, Foreign and Commonwealth Personnel & Families and Research, as well as the NHS England Veterans Mental Health Round Table Group. We are also proud to host the Veterans Research Hub, a jointly-funded project to develop an online research repository and collaboration environment.

Find out more about our current and forthcoming projects below.

Our research projects

  • National audit of Veterans' service

    A statue holding a scale

    National audit of Veterans' service

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  • Maintaining Independence Study

    Chelsea pensioners on a bench

    Maintaining Independence Study

    Image © Ministry of Defence

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  • Blesma Families Study

    Soldier and his son

    Blesma Families Study

    Image © Ministry of Defence

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  • Early Service Leavers

    Soldiers standing in a line and veteran

    Early Service Leavers

    Image © Ministry of Defence

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  • Spousal Employment Support Programme

    Soldier and daughter

    Spousal Employment Support Programme

    Image © Ministry of Defence

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  • Veterans Research Hub


    Veterans Research Hub

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This gap in knowledge has shown that we can establish our position at the forefront of research and development in this poorly understood area.
Matt Fossey, Director