Social Inclusion

These pages are no longer being updated. For up to date research within the faculty, please visit our research groups page.

Our social inclusion research area was founded in 2008, and since 2014 has been a cross-faculty group.  Lead by Dr Claudia Schneider, it's brought together a multi-professional group of university lecturers and researchers to further knowledge, skills and research in the areas of social inclusion and exclusion.  

We're committed to applied research which contributes to the resolution of social problems related to social exclusion. Our members have a range of methodological expertise covering the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative approaches, illustrated in the examples of research provided in these pages.

We share a common interest in the broad areas of social inclusion and exclusion. Within this, each staff member is identified with one of three sub-themes. These are:

We're delighted to announce that in spring 2018 we will host an 'international workshop' with practitioners, representatives of NGOs and academics.  The provisional themes are:

  • Migration
  • Exclusion within research processes
  • Connectivity
  • Social inclusion and exclusion in media reporting