Paramedicine Research Group

Anglia Ruskin University provides a wide range of paramedicine focussed education programs within its Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care. It is recognised that building on the excellence of the teaching programs, that research in the field of paramedicine is required to uplift scholarly activities to provide valuable contributions to our profession and society at large.

Paramedicine is a fairly young profession, stemming from the concepts of emergency medicine, it brings emergency care to the community in the out-of-hospital setting. In recent years paramedicine has undergone many significant changes, educational standards are being lifted, and a shift to tertiary higher education has occurred, clinical governance and scope of practice have expanded to meet the growing needs of the emerging population.

Our objective

Establishing and conducting research activities to meet the needs of a paramedicine agenda within the university and among regional healthcare organisations. Developing an active scholarly culture by engaging professionals from various organisations with interest in paramedicine. Consolidating and disseminating of research efforts to promote growth and development of the paramedicine profession.

Current projects

  • The use of simulation as a teaching modality for paramedic education: a rapid review of the literature. (Dr Enrico Dippenaar, Oliver Smith)
  • The management of patients with suspected spinal fracture in the out-of-hospital emergency care setting: a rapid review of the literature. (Dr Enrico Dippenaar, Adam Kenningham-Brown)

Journal club

A journal club was established to highlight current research in the field of paramedicine. Its purpose is to create awareness of current professional norms and practices, critically analyse research within the field, and promote evidenced and reflective practice. Meetings are held on alternate Thursdays within the teaching weeks of the university; please contact the group lead for details.

Contact us

Dr Enrico Dippenaar
Phone: +44 (0) 1245 684642