Green Economy Coalition

As the world emerges from recession, a clear message is emerging with it. 'Business as usual' is not working. There is real need for a new vision – a template for change.

The green economy is that vision. A powerful new paradigm for the 21st century, it offers creative solutions to multiple global challenges by linking people, planet and prosperity.

The Green Economy Coalition (GEC) is a diverse set of global organisations and sectors from NGOs, research institutes, UN organisations to trade unions. We've come together because we recognise that our current economic system is failing to provide either social equity or environmental sustainability. In short, our economic system is failing people and the planet.

Next year, world leaders and decision-makers will descend on Rio de Janeiro for the UN Conference on sustainable development. It offers a unique opportunity for re-invigorating the debates on sustainable development and putting people and the environment at the core of our economic decision-making.

Our vision is a green economy, which is a resilient economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of our planet.

For further information please visit the Green Economy Coalition website.