The logistics

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The trip will take place during the summer break. Provisional dates are 26 August to 10 September 2016.

You will spend the first couple of days mainly observing what is going on, getting familiar with the village, school and its people, gaining crucial background knowledge of the current situation.

You will then get involved in participating, undertaking a range of activities depending on what theme you are involved with. This may holding a teachers workshop, a women's meeting in the village, collecting and analysing water samples or painting or decorating a room or classroom.

There will be an opportunity to visit Mussourie, an old colonial Hill Station which is now a bustling town where in the summer months Indian tourists come to escape the heat of the plains.

At the end of the trip there will be an opportunity to visit Rishikesh, take part in a Yoga or spiritual retreat or relax on the beaches of the Ganges or go trekking in the hills.