e-Luminate Cambridge Festival - I'm laughing at clouds

17 February 2016, 17:45 - 19:00
Cambridge campus

e-Luminate - I'm laughing at clouds - dance performance

Dance performance, by Daisy Farris Dance Collective, set around the public art installation ‘I’m Laughing at Clouds’ by Michael Pinsky. Within a grid of interactive light columns a dance piece unfolds. Dancers move around the space activating the columns, which detect their heart rate and emit light and sound. The result is a dynamic piece of choreography where the sound score and light display are conducted by the dancers themselves.

Performances at 17.45pm, 18.15pm and 18.45pm

This event is part of e-Luminate Cambridge Festival, 12-17 February 2016. The city’s most innovative light art festival showcasing breath-taking light installations created by artists, designers and technologists. For six evenings only, you have a chance to discover the city in a new light and take part in many exciting events. To plan your visit please see www.e-luminatefestivals.co.uk

Event Details

17 February 2016, 17:45 - 19:00
Cambridge campus
outside the Health Building in Young Street

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