Cambridge Science Festival - Under the Skin: collaboration in art and science talk

17 March 2016, 19:00 - 20:30
Cambridge campus

Under the Skin
To accompany her solo exhibition at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, artist and academic Dr Catherine Baker and Neuropsychologist Professor Iain Gilchrist from the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol will present a talk about their work together. Baker & Gilchrist have worked together collaboratively for over 10 years. They share an interest in the neuro-biology of the eye; however, this talk will focus on the impact that clinical diagnosis can have on the psychological wellbeing of the individual. After having been Artist-in-Resident at CRICBristol, a cutting-edge clinical research imaging centre where Gilchrist is Director, Baker’s practice began to focus on the impact that diagnostic imagery has on individuals and their families. She began to identify patient narratives that were common across many illnesses and by working directly with patients she has created a new body of work for public discussion and dissemination. Both Gilchrist and Baker have an interest in the role that Art can play as a communicative tool within this context and invite you to join them to discuss this cross-disciplinary and important topic.

Event Details

17 March 2016, 19:00 - 20:30
Cambridge campus
Ruskin Gallery

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