Cambridge Festival of Ideas - Thales Day: celebrating philosophy and science

28 October 2017, 16:30 - 17:30
Cambridge campus

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Philosophy and science taught us how to reason. Philosopher and founder of Thales Day, Henrik Schoeneberg, will explain why he thinks we should celebrate the tradition of philosophy and science on the day most commonly associated with its beginning, 28 May. On this day, 585 BC, the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus, allegedly predicted a solar eclipse which initiated a shift of thinking, from mythos to logos.

By celebrating the historical roots of the tradition we can strengthen our attachment to its core commitment of rational enquiry and critical thinking. In this talk we will hear about events in Copenhagen, Denmark, which are being hosted to mark this special celebration, also known as Thales Day. 

Reflecting on the value of tradition, ritual and storytelling in religious context, similar to the ancient Greeks who took what was best from other civilisations and tried to improve it, we invite participants to give feedback on how to enhance the celebration in the hope that it might one day become ’a public holiday’.

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Event Details

28 October 2017, 16:30 - 17:30
Cambridge campus

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