Brenda Patil

PhD Researcher

Faculty:Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Location: Cambridge

Brenda is a PHD researcher with CEDAR. She holds an MBA from the University of Wales, Cardiff. Her research interests are in internationalisation and electronic marketing in the luxury retail sector. Her current research explores the role of electronic marketing towards SME internationalisation, with a focus on the UK luxury retail sector.


Brenda started her professional career in teaching in India in 2003; her subject areas were computer science and mathematics. After completing her MBA in the UK, she continued her teaching career in the private sector and worked at different levels as a lecturer, module leader, a qualified validator and Head of Business. She has also actively taken part in policy-making and quality assurance procedures and inspections in several different private institutions.

Courses that Brenda has been involved in include business and management with awarding bodies such as IAM, ABP, ABE, ATHE, EDEXEL and CMI, with students ranging from Level 4 to 7 from both local and international backgrounds.