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This page is no longer being updated. For the latest research information from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, please visit our research page.

Research on International Sales Development & Profitability

The objective of this Research on International Sales Development & Profitability is: to establish a reference for the time it takes to reach break-even and pay-back when establishing a new export market, based on different distribution structures.

In this context, to clarify the price-profit structure in the applied distribution chain.

This praxis-based research on International Sales Development & Profitability is a key component of the Guide2Growth project.

The Guide2Growth project is an academic-commercial collaboration between CEDAR and Taus Nohrlind, with Professor Lester Lloyd-Reason being the Lead Academic partner.

The objective of the Guide2Growth project is to develop new improved ways to efficiently and profitably internationalise Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). It is a unique project informed by the complexity of the current global trading environment and underpinned by the extensive academic research into the realities facing the contemporary, global SME.

Guide2Growth will develop a complete solution to take an SME, irrespective of its global location, from being a primarily home market selling business to an internationally selling business. This will be achieved by the creation of an all-inclusive solution comprising ongoing strategic, marketing, financial and operational support along with local market representation and customer relationship management.

The Guide2Growth project aims to extend its reach globally covering more than 50 countries and in excess of 20,000 SMEs.

In its final form, Guide2Growth will offer a solution for 'Accelerated Global Expansion' for SMEs. Read more at

An important part of the Guide2Growth research, is to understand how different distribution structures can be used to penetrate and build different markets, to optimise profitability and ensure the best possible scalability of an international expansion.

Hence, this specific research on International Sales Development & Profitability engaging with internationally established businesses.

We are looking for internationally established businesses

On a highly confidential basis, we are looking to engage with companies established on a minimum of 10 markets, to clarify the following topics:

  • Time from first market contact to operational break-even
  • Time from first market contact to capital allocation/investment pay-back
  • Time between approaching new markets
  • Actual value of sales per month until break-even
  • Actual value of sales per month until investment pay-back
  • Method of market establishment
  • Price-Profit Structure in the distribution chain for the given market

Your benefit from participating in, and contributing to, this research is, that you will be offered access to the findings from other internationally selling companies, about how they have established and operate their international distribution, which you then can use to optimising your own distribution structures and hopefully increase your profitability.

Any information you contribute with, as well as any findings and information you receive, is kept completely anonymous and will be treated with the highest confidentiality.

Interested? Please get on touch with Taus Nohrlind, Visiting Fellow: