Research at CEDAR

This page is no longer being updated. For the latest research information from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, please visit our research page.

Profile of research areas

CEDAR undertakes world-class research in the area of enterprise development, entrepreneurship and SME internationalisation. Our team of academics delivers research work on behalf of a prestigious client list, including acting as expert consultants from advising on UK regional policy to undertaking assignments advising several European and South Eastern Asian governments on promoting SME internationalisation.

CEDAR has established a reputation at a regional, national and international level for the quality, integrity and professionalism of our work.

In December 2014, the Research Excellence Framework (REF), the UK Government review of research undertaken in UK universities, judged the research undertaken by CEDAR to be world leading, the highest possible grading. Read more.

Prof Lester Lloyd-Reason
Lester has been researching for many years in the areas of SME internationalisation and entrepreneurial management, leading a number of national and international research projects.

Dr Lianne Miller
Lianne is currently undertaking research with a technology company in Cambridge, UK, focusing on growth, performance, succession and strategic decision making. Her research interests are entrepreneurial cognition, strategic decision making, systems thinking, entrepreneurial leadership and management, organisational growth and performance.

John Mabhegede
John's research interests span the field of entrepreneurship and international enterprise development. His current research explores the systemic barriers (perceived and experienced) to internationalisation of SMEs in developing economies, with specific focus on South African black entrepreneurial SMEs in their quest to access the UK market, and the role of networks in addressing any obstacles.

Ernest Ofori Ernest is researching the financial strategies for growth and survival of SMEs in Ghana. Ghana being a developing country, is faced with several challenges in terms of growth and development typically in the SME sector. His research aims to create a robust strategic framework for effective growth and survival for both start-ups and existing SMEs in Ghana.

Brenda Patil
Brenda's current research explores the role of electronic marketing towards SME internationalisation with a focus on the UK luxury retail sector.

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