Uruguay: ANII project

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This page is no longer being updated. For the latest research information from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, please visit our research page.

CEDAR has recently started a very exciting, highly innovative project with the National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) of Uruguay, a government agency that promotes and encourages research and innovation both in the university sector and amongst private enterprises across the country. They do so by offering more than 30 different resources, from funds for research projects and scholarships for national and international graduate programmes, to incentive programmes in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship both in the private and public sector.

With a population of just 3.5m and steady GDP growth averaging at 5% pa, Uruguay prioritise international partnerships to promote innovation and enterprise development and allocate significant funding to make this happen.

This is a project for collaboration in the field of enterprise and entrepreneurial management to train ANII staff, business leaders and academics to become more enterprising and entrepreneurial and to help develop academic programmes in the area of enterprise development.

The first phase of the project consists in a one week visit to Cambridge to meet CEDAR's extensive network of world class entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses and gain insight into enterprising and entrepreneurial business practices which ANII can use to better inform support activities and programm's in Uruguay.

The second and third phase consist in a one week intensive training in the UK and Uruguay respectively, aimed at ANII senior staff, academics and entrepreneurs to develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of innovation and enterprise.

As part of the programme, ANII also offers scholarships for Uruguayans willing to join the exciting MSc in Entrepreneurial Management, run by CEDAR and starting in September 2015.

This is a first year pilot project and it is hoped that will form the basis of a robust, sustainable collaboration between CEDAR and ANII.