Big Pitch Winners 2013

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This page is no longer being updated. For the latest research information from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, please visit our research page.

MMO Maker - £15,000

MMO Maker is an online game engine that allows anyone the opportunity to create their own multiplayer game. Once complete these games are then published through our website and anyone can play them for free. Revenue is generated through the sale of premium content within the games.

Hell in Leather - £10,000

Hell in Leather is a leather erotic wear business, established by Helen Russ. It is currently running on Etsy as a handmade leather accessories shop, and she aspires to develop her company into a fully-fledged fetish wear business.

Artist Cycle - £5,000

ArtistCycle is a website which aims to provide a platform for artists to create their own profile and galleries to exhibit and sell their artwork in visual arts such as paintings, sculpture and photography.