Big Pitch Winners 2011

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This page is no longer being updated. For the latest research information from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, please visit our research page.

Digi Ping - £10,000

Digi Ping is a specialist digital mapping company.

"We create and implement interactive maps for a range of establishments such as: museums, department stores, and libraries. We do this by using QR (Quick Response) barcodes, similar to conventional barcodes but with the ability to contain more data, to link customers to the media they need. Users simply scan the QR code using their smart phone and a free QR code scanning application. This will then forward them to either a micro-website, which will contain the interactive map, or a YouTube video, which, for example, can act as a video tour guide around a city-centre."

VidMagic - £10,000

VidMagic is an online service for creating animated music videos. Founded by Phillip Richardson and based in Cambridge, VidMagic will provide an online service to a worldwide audience. VidMagic allows musicians to create music videos easily through a simple online interface, providing an easy-to-use, low-cost method for musicians to promote their music on video-sharing websites such as YouTube.

VidMagic allows musicians to create music videos without requiring any specialist knowledge or expensive software, freeing up their time and budget to concentrate on what matters - making music.

Goal Post (X Sports Connect) - £10,000

Goal Post is a dedicated social network for football fans.

"Our vision is to create the first ever 'Facebook of Football' and bring the 3.5 billion football lovers in the world together around one simple, easy-to-use platform, where they can both interact with each other, and with their favourite footballing clubs through a mobile application - deployed on the iPhone, Android and Symbian mobile platforms."

Aquasoftna - £4,000

The Aquasoftna Shower Filter is a compact shower water filter that anyone can fit to their existing shower head. Users will enjoy softer skin and hair along with using less washing products and easier to clean showers.

Potential customers are the people who live in hard water areas and suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema. The product will be sold via supermarket and pharmacy retail chains. Jackie Cooper, the founder of Aquasoftna, is an experienced business woman with the drive and passion to take the business forward to success.