Winners 2012

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This page is no longer being updated. For the latest research information from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, please visit our research page.

Steve Marsh


Steve was awarded £10,000 to help develop Collide, which creates new ways for friends to meet and interact; it is social, local and real-life. Collide is a free mobile application which alerts you when your friends are nearby. Collide also gives you money off vouchers for your favourite social spots.

The funding CEDAR has given to Collide will allow us to carry out the necessary marketing needed to give us a major presence and gain a critical mass of users, which is essential for our business.

In 2013 we hope to gain 10,000 Collide users in the Cambridge area as well as initial roll-outs to the rest of the UK. We have already released the Collide app for both iPhone and Android, and believe we already have a really great product, which can be downloaded from This funding will help make the vision a reality and will allow us to continue providing our service for free!

Goncalo de Vasconcelos and Yutaro Kojima

Syndicate Room

Goncalo and Yutaro were awarded £16,500 to enable them to develop their idea to a stage where they can launch the business during spring of 2013. Syndicate Room is a website that will allow its members to easily co-invest with lead investors (business angels) at the click of a button. Passive investors will meet the shortfall between how much the lead investor is willing to invest and the full amount of investment required.

The knowledge and experience, as well as the ideas and honest feedback, we received from our mentors, Walter Herriot and Ben Mumby-Croft, was not only vital in helping us win the Enterprise Fellowship Scheme but will be invaluable in further developing and improving the business strategy for Syndicate Room. We aim to launch Syndicate Room in the second quarter of 2013 and, all in all, winning the competition was a great way for us to end the year.

Joshua Wies

Agewell Biometrics

Joshua was allocated £10,000 to move forward his business Advanced Balanced Systems, which will market Walkasins(TM) to the UK and Europe. Walkasins is the first sensory prosthesis to improve walking mobility, balance and confidence. It senses your balance and gives you gentle, vibratory cues that help you walk with greater stability.

In the healthy state, our senses of vision, touch and inner ear balance combine with muscle strength to maintain posture and stability for walking and standing. As these systems diminish through the natural ageing process or disease, posture and stability diminish as well. Walkasins gives the immediate balance cues experienced in the healthy state, improving stability for safer walking and standing.

Winning the CEDAR Enterprise Fellowship Scheme will give Advanced Balance Systems a huge kickstart towards our 2013 product launch of Walkasins. Aside from the financial support, the business mentoring from Professor Roger Mumby-Croft and the prestige of being an Enterprise Fellow will allow me to accelerate my company's growth in the UK and Europe.

I expect to have Walkasins balance technology available through select private physiotherapy practices in the coming months and to have a large clinical trial for people with balance problems up and running by the end of next year. The support from CEDAR has certainly helped to make this possible.

Caroline Oriokot

African Connexions Ltd

Caroline was awarded £1,000 to help set up African Connexions Ltd, which provides flights worldwide with a focus on Africa. The tourism business focuses on the East, Central, Southern and West African regions. Alongside conventional tours African Connexions provide Educational, Community and Volunteer tourism to various countries in Africa.

The grant from CEDAR helped me pay for part of my start-up costs such as licence fees and website design.

The networking meetings are brilliant for catching up with fellow entrepreneurs and CEDAR staff. I linked up with a mentor at the first meeting and his ongoing guidance and support are invaluable.