Creative training workshops

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Creative training workshops for professionals powered by Arts & Business and Menagerie in association with CEDAR

Menagerie is one of the UK's leading touring theatre companies with a highly successful creative training affiliate operating alongside the theatre work. It is a recognised leader in creative interventions for businesses, particularly in the areas of communication, culture and leadership, delivering workshops across Europe as well as in America and the Middle and Far East.

Arts & Business and Menagerie have joined forces to offer three unique, high impact employee development workshops under the banner 'The Art Of...'. Each workshop is designed to inspire, motivate and support employees in pursuit of their personal and organisational development goals:

The Art Of...

  • Communication Impact
  • Bringing Teams Together
  • Creativity and Innovation

Arts & Business connects companies and individuals to cultural organisations and provides the expertise and insight for them to prosper together. Creative training interventions in business deliver outstanding results for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Business School, E.ON and Rolls Royce.

To find out more about Menagerie's 'The Art of...' workshops, please contact Paul Bourne: