Smart Living Accelerator

The Smart Living Accelerator is an initiative adopted by the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus consisting of three separate projects aimed at breaking down the barriers of long-term health problems.

Leapfrogging current barriers, it will bring together the right partners and resources to de-risk and validate technological innovation in care.

  • Project 1: An informative self-help portal/app that will tell patients more about their condition, how it is likely to develop and the support available from publicly and privately funded channels
  • Project 2: Proof of Concept to develop a vital signs product that combines a patch with a number of other pieces of equipment.  Using tested algorithms to assist care home workers, who have little clinical training to make decisions about the care of elderly customers.

  • Project 3: Seeks to establish whether a TV-communication tool with a very helpful interface and menu would be used by isolated patients with long-term health issues, and whether it would combat loneliness and have a positive implication on overall health.

  • Initial areas of focus:
    • early stage dementia
    • improving long-term condition management and reducing demand for acute care
    • maintain independence and improve the access to information to facilitate a more self-managed approach.

Why will this make a difference?

  • Addresses the need to increase the rate of adoption of technologies that promote independent living and improved management of long-term conditions.
  • Helps address public sector dilemma of contracting budgets and increased demand/expectations.
  • Tests and develops technology as method of driving efficiency and quality improvements across health and social care models.
  • Brings together powerful partnerships and development resources to create shared innovation pathways across public and private sectors.
  • De-risks and validates technology through user involvement and academic research.
  • Creates the environment for successful bidding for innovation and research grants to benefit local services.
  • Having access to a trusted portal will streamline the cost of handling care enquiries.
  • Principally, the initiative is created to provide tangible health benefits to any patients involved. This will range from delaying dementia to preventing the feeling of isolation.

How will this make a difference?

  • The Smart Living Accelerator will, for the first time, join up the pathway. Clinical need, sensor development, integration of multiple streams of technology and data analytics will come together to give user-led technology solutions around independent living and chronic condition management.
  • It brings together a unique combination of relevant partners, from healthcare providers to industry, investors, academics and researchers.
  • It offers unrivalled access to clinical trials, user groups and test sites.
  • It will provide a physical space for organisations to innovate and operate; to research, prototype, test and develop their ideas, bringing viable solutions to the market.

I’m a potential stakeholder, how do I get involved?

Contact Oonagh Corrigan (Smart Living Accelerator Lead) . From here, a discussion would be held to make clear any possibilities of involvement in the project.