The Big Pitch winners 2017

Read about the brilliant business ideas presented by the winners of our Big Pitch competition for students in 2017.

Flawsome Textiles by Daria Barbalata

Winner – £2,000 and the Entrepreneur of the year 2017 award including an additional £1,500

Flawsome Textiles aims to decrease the environmental impact that comes from the leathering industry by collecting scraps that manufacturers produce and cannot use on their own fashion designs. Companies generally use the most resistant parts of the skin, leaving roughly 20-25% of the wasted leather being sold for 10 pounds per square meter or simply thrown away.

BOXC.I.E by Amy White

Winner – £3,850 and joint winner of the Provide Award for £2,500

BOXC.I.E (Boxed Curriculum Interactive Engagement) enables children to engage with the national curriculum through the use of an application and interactive activity panels. Amy has already been asked by parents to create a specific BOXC.I.E product for families, focusing on routines and by healthcare professionals to create BOXC.I.E Health+ to support autism assessment. Future products are also in the pipeline as she is in the early stages of developing an application, which creates personalised social stories for children with special needs. BOXC.I.E allows children to engage with the curriculum, and complete tasks independently, reducing workload stresses and staff stages within schools.

3D Printable Wind Turbines by Alan Marks

Winner – £3,000 and Allia’s One Year Free Membership to the Future Business Centre and The FSB award

Alan plans to develop and sell 3D printable wind turbines to reduce the growing public demand for energy. Democratising energy generation allows people to generate energy for their own devices, which reduces the load on the national grid and fossil fuel use. Renewable energy is a growth market, however limited by legislative and manufacturing costs.

GOES magazine by Juniper Kiss

Winner – £1,000

GOES magazine provides open-access, independent, free publishing for science students and professionals. Articles edited and designed within 24 hours and the writer is involved in the publishing process every step of the way. The idea is to motivate students to write and communicate their passion in science and conservation and encourage all members for entrepreneurship, creative new ideas to develop GOES further. Students will learn skills in writing, designing, publishing, public engagement and will become engaging professionals.

B-Ballers UK by Aaron Campbell

Winner – £1,000

B-ballers UK is a social basketball community, with thriving group forums on Facebook and a website that centrally houses all UK national-based information for events to eventually link the UK basketball scene together. The idea of the social network is to help develop a multinational link of UK b-ballers who can interact at free live screenings of basketball games and guided basketball themed group holiday retreats. The basketball themed group holidays provide an opportunity to meet new friends, play, watch, eat, sleep and live basketball for a week in beautiful surroundings.

Splash by Tom Pitts

Joint winner of the Provide Award – £500

The business offers lessons that are tailored to children with disabilities, to get into the water, learn a key life skill, socialise and have fun. These lessons are aimed at children in the local area who need the extra support when learning a sport. The lessons aim to build a strong relationship with each child so that they can learn effectively, ask questions and don’t feel like they are slowing the group down.