Sign off mentor criteria for practice teachers - SCPHN

The NMC requires all SCPHN students to be supervised and assessed by a sign-off practice teacher, who is suitably qualified, on their final management placement.

All sign-off practice teachers must have completed a practice teacher programme. During the programme, they must have been supervised by a current sign-off practice teacher on at least one occasion in the signing off of a SCPHN student.

Following completion of the practice teacher programme, you can be annotated to the live mentor register as a practice teacher. This should be followed by a period of preceptorship until the sign-off practice teacher supervisor is satisfied of your competence in signing off SCPHN students. You can then be annotated to the live mentor register as a sign-off practice teacher.

During the preceptorship period you should complete a further two supervised sign-offs. This period should not extend beyond the first triennial review.

See the document below for preparation for sign-off
(Please note these are generic guidelines only. Please refer to your Trust/Organisation Triennial Review policy for specific guidance and paperwork.)