Quality Assurance in Practice Learning

We are required to gather 100% feedback on placements from all stakeholders. At present we gather this information by an electronic survey and you just need to follow the links below to complete.

This information is gathered in two stages:

  • an audit of the placement ensuring that the relevant learning opportunities are present. This is completed either by the on-site practice educator or on-site supervisor
  • a questionnaire at the end of the placement to gather feedback from the student, practice educator, on-site supervisor and tutor.
QAPL Practice Placement Audit

To be completed by the Agency/team providing placement

QAPL Student Practice Placement Feedback form

To be completed by the Student

QAPL Practice Educator/On-site Supervisor Placement Feedback form

To be completed by the Practice Educator and/or On-site supervisor

QAPL Placement Tutor Feedback

To be completed by the Placement Tutor