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Here you can find a number of documents that tell you more about the Paramedic Science courses at Anglia Ruskin University.

We run two courses: the BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science (from level 4 to level 6), and the DipHE Paramedic Studies (from level 4 to level 5). Most of the documentation applies to both courses, where it differs it is clearly labelled.

Below are the 'Year Guides' which tell you what the students have been taught in university in each year. They tell you when the module runs, an outline of what's covered, the learning outcomes for each module and an outline of the reading list. The Year Guides will let you know what the students have learnt, or are going to learn and when.

OSCEs (Observed Structure Clinical Examinations) are practical exams that the students undertake, a number of these in each year are based around system assessments, the process that the students are given for these are below. Please take note of the academic year for which these are valid, students are advised to use the sheets provided on their VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Guide to Year 1 (Level 4) BSc Modules

(.pdf download)

Guide to Year 2 (Level 5) BSc Modules

(.pdf download)

Guide to Year 3 (Level 6) BSc Modules

(.pdf download)

Level 4 System Examination Guide

(.pdf download)

Level 5 System Examination Guide

Diploma Year Guide

(.pdf download)